What will aluminum plate bring to the automobile industry?

by:Caiyi     2020-01-09
In recent years, China's automobile industry has developed rapidly, and the output of automobiles has increased rapidly. In order to become the world's largest auto producer. At present, under the environment of energy conservation and emission reduction at home and abroad, the process of automobile lightweight is accelerating day by day, creating excellent opportunities for aluminum alloy. What benefits can aluminum plates bring to the automobile industry as the output of automobiles increases: 1. Obvious weight loss benefits; 2. Objective energy saving effect; 3. Reduce air pollution and improve environmental quality; 4. Improve the driving performance of the car; The 2 Series aluminum plate produced by shipping aluminum can be heat treated, has good forging property, high strength and baking varnish hardening property, has good formability, and can be used for automobile outer plates. The 5-series aluminum plate can only obtain strength through work hardening, and is generally used in O state with low strength. It is usually used in parts with complex shapes such as automobile inner plates. However, in recent years, our company has also begun to develop the body plate of 6 series aluminum plates. The 6 Series alloy can be heat treated and strengthened, with excellent comprehensive properties. Usually develop car body panels, car outer panels, such as car covers, car doors and other body components. With mature technological process, active business contact and high-quality after-sales service, shipping aluminum has enabled many customers to trust our shipping aluminum industry more. Four core advantages 1. Abundant capital and production strength. We have abundant raw materials and capital. Our products are self-produced and sold without intermediate links, enabling customers to enjoy the most favorable price. The head office produces 300 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum annually, and our company produces 60 thousand tons of aluminum processing products annually. 2. Quality Certification of military products. We have national laboratories and technical teams. Our products have passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and SGS environmental protection testing. The factory pass rate of our products has reached more than 99% for many years. If there is a product quality problem, we promise to return the package, and all the round-trip freight will be borne by us. 3, a strong sales service center, we have our own transportation fleet, in south China, North China, East China have our product agents, general products can be delivered nearby, customized products in 10-Delivery within 15 days. 4, worry-free product after-sales professional team to provide pre-sales and after-sales one-stop worry-free experience. All products of the company, if it is a product quality problem of the company, will be returned and replaced. The general quality problem will be solved within two working days, and the special quality problem will be solved within one week.
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