What prerequisites should be considered when constructing alumina?

by:Caiyi     2020-01-07
First, we must carefully design, dare to innovate, and think boldly. Second, the construction of special-shaped aluminum oxide ceiling needs on-site construction to realize, and the quality of construction directly affects the construction effect of special-shaped aluminum oxide ceiling. In view of the specific problems existing in the site, the quality problems of the suspended ceiling of special-shaped aluminum oxide plate are discussed. Joint quality and surface flatness of oxidized aluminum plate are the main factors affecting the construction quality of special-shaped oxidized aluminum plate, while inclination of oxidized aluminum plate, quality of finished oxidized aluminum plate and bonding construction quality are the secondary factors. Thirdly, the two main problems of the quality and surface flatness of the aluminum oxide plate joint are analyzed, discussed, and investigated, analyzed and demonstrated. Four, the method must be carried out a comprehensive technical test and safety commissioner, responsible for the specific test, by the technical director, safety officer, and written examination organization work, more than 95 points after entering the construction issued, do not meet the requirements of re-education, until qualified, testing, responsible personnel, staff learning attitude is good, 90% pass rate is better than the expected effect. Due to the different heights of the working face of aluminum oxide plate, it is difficult to investigate and analyze its construction difficulty. Due to different altitudes, the operators are difficult to operate, cooperate improperly, and have quality problems. Do a good job in guiding the operation of operators, reduce the difficulty of construction, and lay a solid foundation for achieving the target value. Canyi metal is committed to building the most professional one-stop metal raw material purchasing platform in the Pearl River Delta region. With the advanced mode of small batch and multiple varieties, main aluminum plates, aluminum coils, aluminum belts, aluminum rods, aluminum tubes, patterned aluminum plates and other aluminum materials, with complete specifications and models.
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