What do you know about the characteristics of aluminum blocks?

by:Caiyi     2019-12-27
We know that aluminum has its ranking in the periodic table of chemical elements, and its ranking is in the front, so it can be seen that it is quite valuable, and this is the case, we usually use it a lot. For its properties, from a physical point of view, its color is black and silvery white, and it has good extensibility. When it is placed in a humid environment, it will generate a protective film with good anti-corrosion performance, from a chemical point of view, and igniting them will also let us see beautiful sparks. Now aluminum will be widely used in many industries, such as construction, production of vehicles and related production. Therefore, our aluminum blocks today are closely related to it. There are many kinds of aluminum blocks. For example, we can usually see large aluminum blocks, deoxidized aluminum blocks, high purity aluminum blocks, etc, they are now commonly used in life. For aluminum blocks, we know that it has a lot of performance. Although they are massive, they are very light and have good extensibility, so they can be modified according to your needs, no knowledge is limited to what it looks like. The aluminum block has good electrical and thermal conductivity, and has strong oxidation resistance and is not easy to be corroded.
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