What causes aluminum profile surface damage?

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
1. The surface layer of the ingot is attached with dust or ingot composition segregation. When the surface layer of the ingot has a lot of segregation floats and the ingot is not evenly distributed or the uniform cleaning effect is not good, the ingot has a corresponding number of hard metal material particles, when the metal material flows through the working belt in the extrusion process, this kind of segregation float or hard metal material particles attach to the surface layer of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, more damage to the aluminum surface layer; 2. The concave mold of the mold or the dust carried in the work, and the hardness of the belt in the mold work is relatively low, so that the surface layer of the belt in the work is injured and damaged when pressed; 3. There are exposed metal materials or hard inclusions in graphite strips on the feeding track or pendulum bed, which will damage the surface layer of aluminum when it comes into contact with aluminum; 4. When the aluminum material is sent to the pendulum bed from the feeding track by the fork material Rod, the aluminum material is injured because the speed is too fast; 5. In the pendulum bed, human factors drive aluminum to cause scratches; 6. In the transportation process, the aluminum materials are rubbed or squeezed to cause damage.
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