What are the effects of temperature on aluminum in industry?

by:Caiyi     2020-01-10
The degree of extrusion extrusion of industrial aluminum profiles is the key process parameter in the extrusion production process. In order to reduce the deformation and compression of aluminum alloy and reduce the extrusion pressure, the degree of extrusion extrusion of industrial aluminum profiles must be improved. However, when the degree of extrusion is raised to a certain degree, it is easy to cause the problem of heat and brittleness, causing cracks and other defects. In order to avoid this situation, in order to improve the extrusion rate, the degree of extrusion must be reduced. These two standards are different from each other. In order to reduce deformation and compression, a relatively large extrusion rate can be selected. However, in the extrusion production process of industrial aluminum profiles, the friction between metal and the lining of extrusion cylinder, abrasive tools and gaskets, and the original deformation caused by metal will increase the shrinkage of aluminum alloy, it usually promotes the previously selected category of extrusion degree. The test proves that the degree of extrusion is slowly increasing during the whole process of extrusion, and the extrusion rate is slowly accelerating with the decrease of ingot aluminum alloy. Therefore, the tail of industrial aluminum profiles often causes cracks due to the increase of extrusion hardness and the acceleration of extrusion rate. The rise of the degree of extrusion in the whole process of extrusion is related to the nature of industrial aluminum profiles and extrusion standards. In order to better stabilize the degree of pressure extrusion in the production process of industrial aluminum profiles within the range of the degree of of plastic deformation of aluminum alloy, many standards must be adopted to maintain isothermal extrusion, in the whole process of extrusion, the key links can be fully adjusted. In addition, after the grinding tool is removed and replaced, due to the change of extrusion index, the various standards can also be relatively adjusted. It can be seen that it is a very complicated process to keep the isothermal extrusion of industrial aluminum profiles. At present, the method of coefficient heating of ingots is mostly selected to ensure similar isothermal extrusion, and the extrusion rate and product quality can be further improved. With the gradual and deep development trend of the application of computer and intelligent programming technology in industrial production, the contemporary continuous extruder has been upgraded and replaced, equipped with FI-operated constant velocity extrusion and TIPS-operated isothermal extrusion. If the operator chooses the button, the necessary constant-speed extrusion or isothermal extrusion can be obtained by means of the automation technology programming technology of the machine.
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