Teach you how to buy aluminum skin?

by:Caiyi     2019-12-27
Engaged in the insulation industry, it should be known that with the higher requirements for materials and the use of demand, aluminum skin (That is, aluminum coil) Because of its good heat preservation and antirust effect, it has gradually replaced galvanized iron sheet and has become the first choice for heat preservation materials such as power plants and chemical plants. In particular, aluminum skin materials are especially important in the renovation and maintenance of thermal insulation tanks and pipelines in some large power plant chemical plants. Due to the consideration of cost compression and the current fierce market competition, the construction unit is constantly seeking lower price products in the process of purchasing aluminum skin. In order to cater to customers, aluminum skin suppliers will certainly try their best to win orders while ensuring profits, which has also caused mixed materials and fraud in the market. If the purchaser purchases with the mentality of covet small and cheap, of course, he will fall into the trap of inferior materials step by step, so Xiao Bian puts forward some advice and suggestions here. Compare the price more, take the price of the discount, don't be cheap. At present, most aluminum skins are 1060/3003, of which 1060 are pure aluminum and 3003 are made of aluminum alloy. As the name implies, the price of 3003 is higher than that of 1060. Be wary of suppliers stealing beams and replacing them with 1060. Many units often say what thickness I need when purchasing, for example, 0. 5mm thick aluminum skin, if you are purchasing according to the square, then you should pay attention, according to the national standard, the tolerance range is-0. , That is to say, the thickness of the national standard aluminum skin provided by the supplier shall not be less than 0. 47mm. A lot of suppliers because you of low price in order to assurance profit have May to you replace 0. 45mm. So be sure to measure it when you receive the goods. Regarding overweight, the current settlement of the industry is based on net weight, that is to say, appendages (Such as packaging, roll core)They are not weighed. In addition, because most of the materials are on the site of the straight hair site, many sites cannot be too heavy, thus giving many suppliers the opportunity to drill holes and the phenomenon of false weight reporting will occur. . Xiao Bian suggested that if the site cannot be too heavy, you can look at the weight list of the delivery logistics and then remove about 50KG of gross weight (Wooden tray, packaging, roll core, etc)It should be about the same. The most common problem in the procurement of aluminum skin is the oxidation of aluminum skin. The oxidation is generally due to the use of water or rain, and the surface will form a urine-like or black-like smudged surface, this will not be used. . Therefore, be sure to check the surface when you receive the goods. In addition, you must store it in a dry warehouse before using it. Do not rain. . In this case, it is likely to be corroded. After you confirm the receipt of the goods, the manufacturer will not be able to return the goods to you because of the transfer of the goods and corrosion. At present, many aluminum skins are not annealed in order to reduce the production cost, that is to say, the aluminum skins are hard. If you want to bend continuously during the construction process, it is recommended not to choose this material, be sure to choose the H24 material for annealing. Although the price will be slightly higher, it will make you feel at ease and avoid waste of materials. In addition, some materials are made directly from aluminum water with high purity, while some materials are made from half of the waste aluminum and half of the aluminum ingots, this is why some aluminum skins are particularly low in price and some are higher.
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