Selection points of alloy aluminum plate design

by:Caiyi     2020-01-11
Fluorocarbon aluminum plates include fluorocarbon spraying plates and fluorocarbon pre-roll coated aluminum plates. 1)Fluorocarbon spray plate (1) Fluorocarbon spraying board is divided into two Coating Systems, three coating systems and four coating systems. Generally, multi-layer coating systems should be adopted. Two coating systems: from 5 ~ 10 μm fluorocarbon primer and 20 ~ Composed of 30μm fluorocarbon topcoat, the total thickness of the film layer should not be less than 35μm in general. Can only be used in normal environments. Three coating system: from 5 ~ 10μm fluorocarbon primer, 20 ~ 30μm fluorocarbon paint and 10 ~ 20μm fluorocarbon varnish, the total thickness of the film should not be less than 45μm generally. It is suitable for serious air pollution, industrial areas and coastal areas. Four coating systems: There are two types of four coating systems. One is that when large-particle aluminum powder pigment is used, a 20μm fluorocarbon intermediate paint needs to be added between the primer and the finish paint; The other is to add a dense coating of polyamide and polyurethane blend between the primer and the finish to improve its corrosion resistance and increase the service life of fluorocarbon aluminum plate. Because the general fluorocarbon paint is a sponge structure with pores, it cannot prevent the positive and negative ions in the air from freely penetrating into the metal plate base. Therefore, this coating system is more suitable for areas with severe air pollution, industrial areas and coastal areas. (2) Curing of fluorocarbon baking varnish: it should be baked several times after coating, so that each layer of baking varnish can be completely cured to form good adhesion, corrosion resistance and fading resistance, and avoid coating more and baking less. (3) When selecting fluorocarbon paint aluminum plate, attention should be paid to the brand and main technical indexes of fluorocarbon paint, and the fluorine resin content should be ≥ 70%. 2)Fluorocarbon pre-roll coated aluminum plate (1) The design idea of pre-roller coated aluminum plate is to integrate as many material advantages and technological advantages as possible, and to minimize the quality factors affected by human beings. Its quality is better than that of fluorocarbon spraying (Baking varnish)Aluminum plates are more guaranteed. (2)The fluorine resin content can reach 80%. (3)The coating thickness is generally 25μm m.
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