Redness of brass plate after use

by:Caiyi     2019-12-26
The phenomenon of redness after the use of the brass plate, feedback about the brass plate (H62, h65) After etching, the cause and solution of redness on the surface of brass plate are now popularized scientifically! The brass plate itself is an alloy copper material composed of pure copper after adding a certain proportion of other alloys such as zinc, tin, iron and lead. The brand and use are determined according to the proportion of the added alloy, the most important ones are zinc and lead, which contain a certain proportion of lead, which can increase the turning performance and lubrication performance of brass plate during use. Adding zinc changes its appearance, since the zinc element is a more active element, it is more active than the copper ion, so the customer will greatly increase the liveliness and decrease the zinc ion after etching and strong acid corrosion, as a result, the surface of the brass plate is demineralized and the color of the pure copper itself is withdrawn. This is why some customers use the brass plate instead of yellow, but it is red. Everyone knows it.
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