Production and processing of aluminum sheet

by:Caiyi     2019-12-26
The production and processing activities of aluminum plates are affected by many factors, including the quality of aluminum ingots, annealing aging, processing equipment, personnel quality, etc. The quality of aluminum ingots is not good, it directly affects the performance of the final product and even becomes another product; However, insufficient or overtime annealing time will also affect the performance of the product; In addition, the quality of processing equipment and personnel is also an important factor in the aluminum plate production process. If the equipment is aging or the personnel do not understand the relevant knowledge, it will also cause problems such as unqualified material surface. Therefore, the production of aluminum plates is a production and processing activity with high requirements and certain professionalism. The production links are mutually restricted and linked, and only under the joint action can high-quality and qualified aluminum plates be produced.
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