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"Price of aluminum plate" Causes of color dyeing of aluminum plate and its treatment


"Price of aluminum plate" Causes of color dyeing of aluminum plate and its treatment

With the development of technology, the appearance processing of many products is not so monotonous, and in recent years, aluminum plate also has a significant role in the packaging industry, in people's life more and more.

The color of aluminum plate is no longer as monotonous as before, it will be colored according to the color you want, and in the process of coloring, it is inevitable to encounter the situation of not dyeing, then, the cause of aluminum plate dyeing and processing?

"Price of Aluminum Plate" Causes and treatment of color failure of aluminum plate:

1. Insufficient anodic oxidation film thickness: The solution is to check whether the anodic oxidation process is standard, to see whether the temperature, voltage, conductivity and other factors are stable. If there is any abnormality, please adjust the specification accordingly.

2, the dye solution PH value is too high: at this point, can use glacial acetic acid to adjust the PH value to the standard value.

3. After oxidation, the workpiece is left in the tank for too long: timely dyeing is advocated. If this happens, the workpiece can be put in the anodic oxidation tank or the nitric acid neutralization tank for proper activation treatment before dyeing, which will have a good effect.

4, choose the dye has decomposed or mildew: at this time need to replace the dye, choose the appropriate dye.

5. Too low oxidation temperature leads to dense skin film: the oxidation temperature can be appropriately increased.

6. Poor conductivity: poor batch conductivity as indicated by poor contact of anode copper rod or cathode lead plate.

Pay attention to clean the anode copper rod and cathode lead plate to ensure good conductivity.

The above are the reasons and treatment methods for aluminum plate dyeing. At present, aluminum plate has become a common material in the field of architecture, and it is widely used in the decoration fields such as building exterior wall, interior wall and advertising sign.

However, with people's more and more high requirements for the aesthetics of decorative items, the monochromatic and mechanical design of aluminum plate has been unable to meet the needs of production.

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