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New energy vehicles hit new highs in September


The current new energy vehicle market is still a policy market, and the power of policy cannot be underestimated, especially the double point policy that began this year. As a baton that subsidies gradually declining, the implementation effect of double points has gradually become more prominent. Car companies have earned new energy points to reduce fuel consumption points, and the enthusiasm for developing new energy vehicles has soared, especially the traditional car companies have begun to turn to new energy vehicles. A little bit from the terminal sales can be clearly seen.

According to data from the Association, sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 99,000 units (98,667 units) in September, a year-on-year increase of 69%, a record high. Based on the current sales data in 2018, the sales volume in January-September this year exceeded 600,000 units, which has exceeded the cumulative sales volume of the whole year, and the growth momentum is obvious. In the current downturn of the auto market, the market performance of new energy vehicles can be said to be against the trend.

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