Material selection and implementation standard of stainless steel

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
Stainless steel is an alloy steel. In fact, some metal elements such as carbon, nickel, chromium and molybdenum are added to the iron material, it is a kind of steel resistant to weak corrosive medium and chemical corrosive medium corrosion, referred to as Stainless and acid resistant steel. The two most important chemical components nickel and chromium often determine the price. For stainless steel, they are divided into martensitic steel, ferritic steel, austenitic steel and other system types. Mingcheng stainless steel is mainly selected from Posco, Nippon Steel and its own steel mills. The blanks from its own steel mills are mainly from Zhejiang Qingshan, Baosteel, Wu Hang and other large steel mills, on the basis of the same raw material composition, the appearance, length and size of the blank have been corrected and become their own unique products! All products of Mingcheng metal company strictly comply with Japanese JIS standards (JIS is the Japanese steel standard) And passed the RoHS test and related heavy metal content test of SGS company. JIS is the Japanese steel-making standard.
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