Is tin bronze the same as phosphor bronze? What is the difference

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
Is tin bronze the same as phosphor bronze? What is the difference. Tin bronze and phosphor bronze are different. Element content of tin bronze, electrolytic copper 84 ~ 97%, tin 2 ~ About 15%, there are some other trace elements accounting for about 1%, according to a certain ratio, can be used for different hardness structural parts. Element content of phosphor bronze, electrolytic copper 98 ~ Between 99%, the phosphorus content is 1 ~ 1. About 5%, the rest of the metal content of 0. About 5%. According to a certain ratio, it can be used as different wear-resistant structural parts. Phosphor bronze has higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance and no spark during impact. It is used for medium speed and heavy load bearings with a maximum working temperature of 250 ℃. It has the characteristics of automatic centering, insensitivity to deflection, uniform bearing force and high bearing capacity, simultaneous radial load, self-lubrication without maintenance, etc. Tin bronze and phosphor bronze contain different amounts of alloying elements. Tin bronze is relatively more tin-containing, phosphor bronze is relatively more phosphorus-containing. There are many different brands of tin bronze and phosphor bronze. The replacement depends on the specific situation, the use environment, mechanical properties, and so on.
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