How to buy good quality alloy aluminum plate?

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
Alloy aluminum plates have some special properties that pure aluminum plates do not have, and are widely used in special environments, such as ships, refrigerators, molds, aerospace equipment, etc, special attention should be paid to enterprises that purchase Alloy pattern aluminum plate manufacturers, because the purchased materials directly affect the quality of the products, so special attention should be paid in the process of purchasing. How to buy good quality alloy aluminum plate? When judging the quality of alloy aluminum plates, there are many details that need special attention. The general hydrophilic aluminum foil on the market has good hydrophilicity on the surface while condensed water remains between the heat exchange sheets. The difference is that hydrophobic aluminum foil removes condensed water between heat exchange sheets by increasing the contact angle between condensed water and heat exchange sheets so that condensed water forms water droplets that are easy to slide down. Alloy aluminum plates are mainly used in the decoration industry and have become a trend of decoration. Here are the following ways to distinguish true and false alloy aluminum plates: 1. When purchasing, observe the surface and color of alloy aluminum plate, whether the appearance is lubricated and whether the color is gorgeous. 2. The rubber joints of alloy aluminum plates are regular. When decorating the exterior of buildings, aluminum-plastic plates usually have gaps with a certain width. 3. Alloy aluminum plates are divided into two types: double-sided and single-sided. It is best not to buy if the appearance is deformed and bulging.
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