History of common aluminum blocks

by:Caiyi     2019-12-27
The English name of aluminum comes from alum, that is, sulfuric acid double salt KAl (SO4)2 in 12H2O. In prehistoric times, humans have used clay containing aluminum compounds ( Al2O3 in 2SiO2 in 2H2O)Made of pottery. Aluminum ranks third in the Earth's crust after oxygen and silicon. However, due to the weak oxidation of aluminum compounds, aluminum is not easy to be reduced from its compounds, thus metal aluminum cannot be separated for a long time. After the Italian physicist Fuda invented the battery, David tried to use the current to separate the metal aluminum from the bauxite, but he did not succeed, but he suggested to name it 'aluminum ', after that, it was changed to 'aluminum' and soon modified into aluminum. This word is common all over the world, except North America, where the American Chemical Society (ACS) In 1925, it was decided to adopt 'aluminum' in publications '. Danish chemist OST used dilute potassium amalgam to react with aluminum chloride to separate impure metal aluminum for the first time. In 1827, German chemist Wu le repeated Oster's experiment and continuously improved the method of making aluminum. In 1854, German chemist de ville used sodium instead of potassium to reduce aluminum chloride to produce aluminum ingots. In the following period, aluminum was a treasure enjoyed by emperors and nobles. French Emperor Napoleon III used aluminum forks at the banquet; The Thai King used an aluminum bracelet. At the Paris Expo in 1855, it was displayed together with the jewels in the crown, with the label 'silver from Clay '. In 1889, Mendeleev also received vases and cups made of aluminum alloy from the London Chemical Society. By the end of the 19th century, the price of aluminum had dropped thousands of times. First of all, after Siemens improved the generator in 1870s, it had cheap electricity; The second is due to France's Heroult and America's C. M. Hall developed alumina dissolution in cryolite in 1886 respectively (Na3AlF6)Method of medium electrolysis. At that time, they were both 22 years old. This pioneering work has enabled the large-scale production of aluminum and laid the foundation for the industrial method of electrolytic aluminum in the world today. So far, various aluminum products have been widely used in thousands of households. On October 27, 2017, the list of carcinogens published by the International Cancer Research Institute of the World Health Organization was preliminarily compiled for reference, and aluminum products were included in the list of first-class carcinogens. In July 30, 2018, an international research team said that they had definitely detected a radioactive molecule ( Aluminum fluoride, radioactive isotope containing aluminum 'Aluminum-26 ') And this molecule may have 'splashed' into interstellar space due to the collision of two stars.
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