Do you know the choice of household aluminum alloy plate?

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
The aluminum alloy rice in the home decoration is used less, and the Aluminum plastic is used more. The composition of aluminum alloy plate is similar to that of aluminum alloy profile, category, Alloy name, main alloy composition (Alloy System) Heat treatment and performance characteristics, casting aluminum alloy material, simple aluminum-silicon alloy Al- Si cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, with low mechanical properties and good casting properties. ZL102 Special Al-Si alloy Al-Si- Mg can be strengthened by heat treatment, with high mechanical properties and good casting properties. ZL101 Al-Si-Cu ZL107 Al-Si-Mg- Cu ZL105 ZL110 Al-Si-Mg-Cu- Ni ZL109 Aluminum copper casting alloy Al- Cu can be strengthened by heat treatment, with good heat resistance and poor casting and corrosion resistance. ZL201 aluminum-magnesium casting alloy Al- Mg has high mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance. ZL301 aluminum-zinc casting alloy Al- Zn can be quenched automatically and is suitable for die casting ZL401 aluminum rare earth casting alloy Al- Re has good heat resistance and high corrosion resistance ZL109RE deformed aluminum alloy, gold material, can not be heat treated to strengthen aluminum alloy, gold, industrial pure aluminum, ≥ 99. 90% Al has good plasticity, corrosion resistance and low mechanical properties 1A99 1050 1200 antirust aluminum Al- Mn has low mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good pressure processability 3A21 Al- Mg 5A05 heat treatable reinforced aluminum alloy hard aluminum Al-Cu- Mg mechanical properties high 2A11 2A12 superhard aluminum Al-Cu-Mg- Zn room temperature strength up to 7A04 7A09 wrought aluminum Al-Mg-Si- Cu has good forging performance and heat resistance 6A02 2A70 2A80 Al-Cu-Mg-Fe-Ni
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