Detailed explanation of hardness and conductivity of various copper materials

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
Detailed explanation of hardness and conductivity of various copper materials there are many kinds of copper materials. In comparison, pure copper has the best conductivity, because red copper is 100% pure copper, which can be tested by eddy current conductivity meter, but the hardness of copper is the lowest. Among the alloy copper, tungsten copper has the highest hardness, reaching above HRB100, the conductivity is between 10 and 20 MS/m, and the price is also the most expensive. The hardness of beryllium cobalt copper is the second, the hardness is above HRB90, and the conductivity is 20-- About 30 MS/m, beryllium is radioactive, which has an impact on workers during smelting and is seldom used. Chromium zirconium copper is currently used most in resistance welding, and the mold is also widely used, with hardness above HRB85 and conductivity above 40 MS/m. The price is cheaper than the previous ones, and it is a kind with better comprehensiveness, bending resistance and wear resistance are better. Hardness and conductivity of various types of copper- Shenzhen Mingcheng Metal Co. , Ltd. Aluminum bronze and tin bronze, brass, hardness in HRB50-- About 80, but the conductivity is relatively poor, only suitable for making parts, the conductivity is below 10 MS/m. The price is also the lowest. The hardness of tin bronze and tin phosphor bronze is related to their ingredients, which are similar. Let's add a little knowledge of the hardness grade of copper. We usually see these copper status symbols. What do these symbols mean? Y-Not annealed after cold working, the material is hard. Performance characteristics are high strength and low plasticity, Y2-According to hardness grade Y2 higher than Y. M- Cold working and retreating state, the material is soft, high plasticity and low strength R- In the supply state after hot pressing, the material is in a hot working state similar to soft characteristics, but the size and surface accuracy are not as strict as that of cold working materials.
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