Construction technology of aluminum skin protective layer

by:Caiyi     2020-01-08
Preparation before construction: aluminum plate, self-tapping pin (Length less than 15mm), 4 × 13 blind rivets. Edging machine, winding machine, electric drill, scissors, steel ruler, tape measure, wallpaper knife, etc. Scaffolding and accessories, lighting, etc. Before construction, the insulation layer has been in place; Check construction machinery and scaffolding, and there shall be no potential safety hazard. Process Description: according to the outer perimeter of the pipeline insulation layer plus 30mm lap length blanking: lap width 30mm; Forming the aluminum plate with good material on the winding machine; Forming the aluminum plate with good material in the circular and transverse edge pressing on the edge pressing machine; Tightly wrap the aluminum plate on the external insulation surface of the pipeline; The lap joint should be along the direction of the water and the wind, and the joint should be consistent, as far as possible in the shade; Aluminum protective layer must be close to the insulation layer and thermal insulation layer formation one. According to the specified 'three-distance' spacing, the self-tapping screw (Or blind rivets) Fixed, the surface of the aluminum plate is flat after the self-tapping nail is applied, and there is no unevenness; Spacing of self-tapping Nails: The metal protective layer of pipeline insulation installed in the interval must be fixed by blind rivets in the circumferential and transverse directions. Key points of quality control: the protective layer of aluminum plate must be closely attached to the thermal insulation layer, and the lap width meets the specified requirements; The whole is beautiful, the center is on the same straight line, and the size is the same; Both circumferential and transverse edges are pressed. The surface of the aluminum plate is flat, the self-tapping nail is firmly fixed, the 'three-distance' spacing of rivets meets the specified requirements, and the spacing is consistent; There are not less than 2 fixing screws on each section of the elbow; Elbow with diameter greater than DN32 must be cut and constructed according to 'shrimp shell' shape, and cannot be made into right angle elbow; The flange and the end face of the variable diameter are made into 'large and small heads '; Can't do bite shape;
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