Classification of special brass and brass models

by:Caiyi     2019-12-27
Classification of special brass and types of brass, red copper, phosphor copper, tungsten copper, copper plating, Chrome copper, Chrome copper, tin bronze, aluminum copper, phosphor bronze (Copper plate, copper bar, copper pipe, copper tape) Common grades of ordinary brass are: H96, H90, H85, H80, H70, H68, H65, H63, H62, H59 special brass classification: lead brass (China GB brand: HPb89-2, HPb66-0. 5, HPb63-3, HPb63-0. 1, HPb62-0. 8, HPb62-3, HPb62-2, HPb61-1, HPb60-2, HPb59-3, HPb59-1) The lead is actually insoluble in brass and is distributed at the grain boundary in a free particle state. Lead brass has Alpha and (Alpha, Beta)Two. Alpha lead brass can only be cold deformed or hot extruded due to its harmful effect and low high temperature plasticity. (Alpha, Beta) Lead brass has good plasticity at high temperature and can be forged. Tin brass (China GB brand: HSn60-1, HSn62-1, HSn70-1, HSn90-1) : Adding tin to brass can obviously improve the heat resistance of the alloy, especially the ability to resist seawater corrosion. Therefore, tin brass is called 'Navy brass. Manganese brass (China GB brand: HMn58-2, HMn57-3-1): Manganese has a large solubility in solid brass. Add 1% ~ to Brass ~ 4% manganese can significantly improve the strength and corrosion resistance of the alloy without reducing its plasticity. Iron brass :(China GB brand: HFe59-1-1) In Iron brass, iron precipitates as iron-rich particles, which act as crystal nuclei to refine crystal grains and prevent recrystallization grain growth, thus improving the mechanical and technological properties of the alloy. Nickel Brass :(China GB brand: HNi65-5, HNi56-3) Nickel and copper can form a continuous solid solution, significantly expanding the α phase region. Adding nickel to brass can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of brass in atmosphere and seawater. Nickel can also increase the recrystallization temperature of brass and promote the formation of finer grains. Shenzhen Mingcheng metal specializes in the production and operation of various brands of brass, with complete product specifications, favorable price, intact packaging, pure copper, good straightness and large inventory. It can provide material certificate and SGS report.
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