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Classification and application of different surface effects of "copper-Shaped brushed aluminum plates"


Classification and application of different surface effects of "copper-Shaped brushed aluminum plates"

I. Classification by surface

1. Bright surface series: Bright aluminum panel series products have smooth surface such as mirrors, and the appearance after oxidation is more common. The products are widely used in lighting, solar reflector, interior decoration, furniture kitchen, elevator, logo signage, bags, jewelry boxes, automobile interior decoration, household appliances, outdoor curtain wall and other industries.

2. Fog-face series: Fog-face aluminum products are mainly used in lamps and lanterns industry.

Fog face can also be used in the following industries: electronic products, solar reflectors, interior decoration, furniture kitchens, elevators, signage, bags, jewelry boxes, car interiors, etc. The use of household appliances is also gradually increasing.

Aluminum plate mist series includes: 620G matte, 680 sand, 915 titanium silver.

At present, the general appearance of aluminum alloy products is not electroplating, but oxidation through a variety of colors.

Heard of anodic oxidation, for aluminum is mainly to enhance the surface hardness (a layer of ceramic) to improve its anti-friction properties.

Gold plating is also a heat transfer.

Die-cast aluminum is a coating that can be brushed and sprayed with protective film to prevent oxidation.

Die casting can also be surface oxidation treatment, surface smoothness can be achieved, but grinding effect is the early process of surface oxidation treatment through sand blasting process.

3. Drawing series:

Brushed aluminum products are mainly used for interior decoration.

At the same time, other industries also have applications, including: furniture kitchens, electronics, elevators, signs, bags, jewelry boxes, car interiors, home appliances, etc.

Ii. Classification by purpose:

1. Lighting:

Aluminum sheet has a range of lighting industrial products.

According to the characteristics of the products, in order to meet the customer's reflectivity and light distribution requirements, the main lighting products are reflectors and matte series.

To the extent that there can be no difference between the two types of products.

2. Interior Decoration:

Aluminum products can be used in a range of interior decoration.

Include ceiling, aluminous model board, wallboard, fire prevention board, table to wait.

Mirror, cable and other varieties can be used as interior decoration materials.

3. Furniture kitchen:

Aluminum products are used in all styles of furniture and all forms of kitchen decoration.

Most products are anodized.

The form of appearance is mainly mirror, cable and other varieties.

4. Household Appliances Team:

Many household appliances, such as disinfection cabinet, heater, refrigerator, loudspeaker, public equipment, etc., are made of aluminum, with beautiful, clean appearance and durable appearance.

5. Shell of electronic Products:

Aluminum sheet products can be used in electronic products.

Popular electronic products mainly use alumina products, including mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 memory CARDS, PDA/DVD portable electronic products and televisions.

Aluminum plate products can also be based on the characteristics of the product, with the appropriate color.

Mirror, matte, wire drawing and other appearance can be used for electronic products.

6. Interior and exterior decoration:

As a way to improve the grade of interior decoration products, aluminum plate has been widely used in vehicles, trucks and other vehicles.

The main products are mirror, brushed and other products.

7. Solar thermal reflective material:

Many aluminum customers are solar reflectors.

Mirror and matte are favored by the industry because of their unique reflection characteristics.

8. Signs, bags, jewelry boxes:

Professional, beautiful, environmental protection, durable logo, bags, jewelry boxes are suitable for aluminum products.

The main product series has mirror, drawing and other appearance.

The above is about the different surface effects of aluminum plate classification and its application to this, aluminum plate application is not very wide.

Mirror aluminum plate manufacturers are many, but mirror aluminum plate production technology level is very high, so it is suggested that we should find the technical level qualified regular manufacturers to cooperate with each other.

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