Characteristics and hardness of H62 brass

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
Characteristics and hardness of H62 brass H62 Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. When the zinc content is less than 39%, zinc can dissolve in copper to form single phase. A is called single-phase brass, which has good plasticity and is suitable for cold and hot pressing. When the zinc content is more than 39%, there is a single phase and B solid solution based on copper and zinc, which is called biphasic brass. B makes the plasticity small and the tensile strength increase, which is only suitable for thermal pressure processing. If the mass fraction of zinc continues to increase, the tensile strength decreases and has no use value. The code name is 'H + number', H represents brass, and the number represents the mass fraction of copper. For example, H68 indicates brass with 68% copper content and 32% zinc content, and cast brass. The word 'Z' before the code name, such as ZH62 and Zcuzn38, means cast brass with zinc content of 38% and copper balance. H90, H80 single-phase, golden yellow, so there are gold collectively known as plating, decorations, medals and so on. H68 and H59 belong to dual-phase brass and are widely used in structural parts of electrical appliances, such as bolts, nuts, washers, springs, etc. In general, single-phase brass for cold deformation processing is dual-phase brass for hot deformation processing. H62 brass has only one hardness, semi-hard (Y2) Is there any difference between H62 brass and H62Y? To add here, Y also represents the product Status: M (Soft), Y2 (1/2 hard), Y (Hard), T (Extra hard)And other states.
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