Characteristics and classification of copper tubes

by:Caiyi     2020-01-10
Copper tube features light weight, good thermal conductivity and high strength at low temperature. Commonly used in the manufacture of heat exchange equipment (Such as condenser, etc). It is also used for assembling low-temperature pipelines in oxygen generation equipment. Copper tubes with small diameters are often used to transport pressurized liquids (Such as lubrication system, oil pressure system, etc)And a piezometer tube used as an instrument. Copper tubes have the characteristics of firmness and corrosion resistance, and have become the first choice for modern contractors to install tap water pipes, heating pipes and refrigeration pipes in all residential commercial housing. Copper tube integrates many advantages: it is strong and has the high strength of general metal; At the same time, it is easier to bend, twist, crack and break than common metals, and has certain frost heaving resistance and impact resistance. Therefore, once the copper water pipe in the water supply system of the building is installed, it is safe and reliable to use, even without maintenance and maintenance. Copper tube classification, Copper Condenser tube, mold copper tube, air conditioning copper tube, all kinds of extruded and drawn copper tubes, Iron White copper tubes, brass tubes, bronze tubes, white copper tubes, beryllium copper tubes, tungsten copper tubes, phosphor bronze tubes, aluminum bronze tubes, tin bronze tubes, imported red copper tubes, etc. Thin-walled copper tubes, capillary copper tubes, metal copper tubes, special-shaped copper tubes, small copper tubes, pen copper tubes, pen copper tubes, etc. According to the needs of users, square and rectangular copper pipes and special-shaped copper pipes shall be processed and produced according to the drawings.
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