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Caiyi cheap aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturer for curtain wall

Caiyi cheap aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturer for curtain wall

Caiyi cheap aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturer for curtain wall

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Wooden frame packaging
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500, 000 Sqm Annually
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1 - 3 />3
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30 /To be negotiated
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Company Advantages
1. The production technique implemented in the production of Caiyi aluminum honeycomb panel suppliers is advanced and greatly guaranteed. It is a new production technique aimed at minimizing wastage. The product protects objects that are exposed to ultraviolet radiation from aging
2. The product is essential to help people save money. Due to its energy efficiency, it only consumes little electricity, thus it lowers people's electricity bills. It is weatherproof and pollutant-resistant for long service life
3. It features strong anti-corrosion performance. The housing is made of non-corrosive materials which are not susceptible to chemical liquids, oils, or moisture. The product reassures customers with its high degree of cleanliness

Fluorocarbon Aluminium Curtain Wall Honeycomb Panel

Scope of business :

Construction & Decoration , Furniture , Industrial Equipment & Components , Instruments & Meters , Manufacturing & Processing Machinery , Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy , Office Supplies , Sporting Goods & Recreation , Transportation

product features:

1.Sound insulating, heat preservation.
2.Fireproof grade A.
4.Moisture resistance.
5.Light weight and Easy Processing.
6.Corrosion Resistant.
7.Easy installation.

Structure of Aluminum Honeycomb Panel:

Caiyi cheap aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturer for curtain wall-1

product features

Caiyi cheap aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturer for curtain wall-2
The center is an aluminum hexagonal honeycomb with a low density (about 3 to 7 kg per square meter), which is 1/5 of the same thickness of the same board, 1/6 of the glass, 1/7 of the aluminum, and greatly reduced. Construction load and cost, because the middle interlayer contains a lot of air, it can be soundproof (air insulation up to 30dB), heat insulation (thermal resistance up to 0.02 (m2·K/W)), no combustible materials, fire rating up to B1, Waterproof, moisture-proof, and no harmful gas release, the specific strength per unit mass is high, the specific stiffness is high (the structural rigidity is 1.7 times that of the rib type), and it is not easy to be deformed, completely overcoming the deformation and intermediate collapse of other decorative plates when the single block area is large. The disadvantages of processing are convenient, and the hem can be cut arbitrarily. The surface fluorocarbon coating can guarantee the product life of more than 30 years. The surface of the aluminum honeycomb panel has extremely high flatness and good seismic performance. It is only eight points of the proportion of the glass curtain wall. One; 22mm thick standard parts can reach 700 kg or more when the load is 1 m and the deflection is 10 mm.
Caiyi cheap aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturer for curtain wall-3
The surface is treated with a highly resistant fluorocarbon resin, which makes it widely used in the decoration of the building's curtain wall, roof, large facade signs and interior walls. The aluminum panels on the front side of the aluminum honeycomb panel are made of PVDF fluorocarbon paint in accordance with E. C. C. A. quality standards and are divided into normal color and metallic color. Therefore, the surface also has excellent weather resistance. Innovations that follow natural products often imitate the structure and form of nature, and human inventions are inspired by nature and adapted to the requirements of nature. Aluminum honeycomb panels have been widely used in building exterior wall decoration because of their advantages of light weight, high strength and high rigidity.Aluminum honeycomb panels are generally made of fluorocarbon roll-coated aluminum panels. The most important point of the fluorocarbon roll-coated aluminum plate is the continuous roll coating process. The aluminum plate is painted in one time, ensuring that the product has no color difference, good coating smoothness and reliable quality. At the same time, the exterior wall of the building can be kept bright for a long time. After long-term sun and rain or industrial waste gas pollution, it is obvious that the roller-coated board is brighter than the sprayed board, and has good adhesion and weather resistance. It is recognized as the first-class material by the world's builders.
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The honeycomb sandwich panel with the same stiffness weighs only 1/5 of the aluminum plate and 1/10 of the steel plate. The total thickness is 15mm, the panel is 1.0mm, the bottom plate is 0.8mm aluminum honeycomb panel, and the weight is only 6kg/m2. The interconnected honeycomb core is like a myriad of I-beams. The core layer is distributed in the whole plate surface, which is not easy to produce shear, which makes the plate more stable, more resistant to bending and compression, and its wind pressure greatly exceeds that of aluminum plastic. Plate and aluminum veneer, and has the characteristics of not easy to be deformed and flatness. Even if the size of the honeycomb plate is large, it can achieve extremely high straightness. The honeycomb core in the honeycomb composite plate is divided into a plurality of closed cells to prevent The air flows, so that heat and sound waves are greatly hindered, so it has the effect of heat insulation, heat preservation and sound insulation. The sound source for the 100 -3200HZ can reach 20~30dB, and the thermal conductivity is 0.104-0.130W/M.K. Therefore, the energy absorption capacity of the aluminum honeycomb panel is 150-3500KJ/M² it is an ideal energy-saving material.

Product introduction

Basic Information:

Canyi provides honeycomb panels, which is one of the best environmental composite materials with perfect strength, super flatness and excellent sound & heat insulation but with light weight and easy processing. The panels can be manufactured based on your specifications for a various applications, such as wall cladding (exterior & interior), ceiling, flooring, partition, ship hull, elevator, container, door and metro & bus station, etc.


Aluminum Alloy (3003/5052, etc.)

Regular Size (W*L*T)

1,220*2,440/3,000*6 mm

Max. Size(W*L*T)

2,000*10,000*200 mm

Regular Thickness

10/12/15/20/25 mm

Available Thickness

6-200 mm

Regular Surface Treatment

PVDF,PE,Powder Coating, Anodized, etc.


Yes (customized)


Wall cladding(exterior & interior), ceiling & flooring, cleanroom, partitions, ship hull, vehicles, tunnel, etc.


Yes (color, surface texture, size, shape, pattern, etc.)


1. For interior wall (PE coating): range from 8mm to 20mm (top plate:1.0mm; bottom plate: 0.7/0.8mm)
2. For exterior wall (PVDF coating): 15mm, 18mm, 25mm (top plate: from 1.0mm to 1.5mm; bottom plate: from 0.7mm to 1.0mm)

Production Process

Caiyi cheap aluminum honeycomb panels manufacturer for curtain wall-5

Technical Data

Technical Data Of HONGZAN Honeycomb Panels

Testing sample thickness: 20mm / 25mm ( 1.0+1.0) :  20mm 25mm

Front aluminium panel 1.00mm
Back aluminium panel  1.00mm 
Weight (kg/m2)7.47.8
Mechanical Property of composite panel and panel

Inertia Moment           I (cm4/m)19.8531.67
Section Modulus       W (cm3/m)1924
Rigidity of Composite panel      E.I (KN cm2/m)1390002217000
Aluminum profile panelAA 5754A(ALMg3)
Modulus of Elasticity (N/mm2)70000
Tensile Strength of facing panel (N/mm2)Rm ≥ 220
0.2% Yield Stress(N/mm2)Rp0.2 ≥ 130
Extensibility   (EN485-2:1194)A50 ≥ 8
Aluminum linear thermal expansion2.4mm/m when the temperature difference is 100ºC
Surface decoration layerPVDF Spray Baking finish
Glossiness   (original Data)30-40%
Hardness of pencil

Core of Honeycomb

Size of honeycomb1/4''(6.3mm)
DensityAbout 80kg/m3
Compression strength  (MILL-STD-401)4N/mm2
Fuction Of Acoustics

Data of sound absorption               As0.0525
Factor of sound insulation     According to ISO717-RW23
Fuction Of Heating

Data of  Heat Conduction      λ*(w/m2k)2.252.7
Data of Thermal Insulation    R(1/m)     (m2k/w)0.00890.0093
Data of Heat Transmission   U(k)       (w/m2k)5.595.575

Company Features
1. aluminum honeycomb panels is produced by the highest technology and advanced facilities of Caiyi.
2. We inspire progress by unleashing the potential in people and technologies to advance the quality of life. By making environments comfortable, sustainable and efficient, we enable our customers to achieve real progress and create a positive impact in their world. Get quote!
Fit perfect
Fit just like advertised. Old water panel was paper like construction, I like this one much better
I have several of the Eco Bee Box product line includeng thier innovative hive boxes. The corner brackets are unbeatable for durability in all weather. The sizes are compatible with my current Langstroths. As a novice beekeeper still learning the ropes, I have been grateful for their products. This new design which allows for greater modularity is certain to effect a change in how beekeepers think about hives, honey and hive management. I highly recommend them.
Be warned this light is quite bigger then it appears to be in the picture. 10 Cm High By 25 cm Long 1. It is great fill-light during cloudy conditions 2. Works great in a small room as a fill light 3. It is a not focused flood light, the range is quite limited- 182 cm with a good camera- 122cm: So your camera will need at least an 800 ISO 4. Its night photo compacity can be quite spectacular 5: Great for Convention Centers will bad lighting- can create spectacular lighting 6: You will need a heavy duty selfie pole( like fugetek), tripod, monopod to hold and shoot with this monster 7: You will have to use a camera cage to support this monster (small hands will not be able to use this light by itself) Make sure it has a strong supporting arm 8: This beast of a photo light is the best budget photo light because it has adjustable brightness and color tempiture 9. The battery life lasts quite a while 2 hours It will also get quite hot after 2 hours of straight use at 20% 46000k The bigger the batter the more it will last: bt the unit will require a tripod 10: If you buy 4 of these lights you could create a full movie style lit room The only 3 downsides; so far: is the mounting adapter it comes with is useless and really cheap: it broke after 1 use. And no changeability with the light diffuser: Although with color temperature change it isn't that bad of a downside poor heat distribution after prolonged use
Great quality! I wasn’t really sure what I was going get for the low price except for something cheap. But I have to say I am really amazed at the product quality for the price. I ran a test for a hour without turning the lights off and I didn’t come across any problems or over heating(as you shouldn’t have with LED). So it was a pleasant surprise and I’m very happy with my economicaly friendly purchase.
Beautiful lighting for photography. Great use for video, beauty and headshots, or just taking selfies. Insanely good price. I will be buying 2 more of these. Get the l132t it's the size of 1.5 note 8's get a selfie stick with tripod attachment it's lightweight enough .
VERY bright, and the color range is fantastic. I find it brightest right in the middle between the white light, and simulated incandescent. This is where all of the tiny LED's are all on at the same time.
For the price point of this light, you will not be disappointed. I am using it for still life photography, and have been pleasantly surprised by how well the lights work. They can be dimmed down to 20% brightness, and you can adjust color temperature as well.
Really really work well. Really happy. A little cheap on the power supply.
It’s very good nice controllable lighting can match your setting
powerful and affordable
Very nice and good quality
I'm a YouTuber, so, I need good quality, effective yet affordable equipment for my videos. And these really helped to create that environment. I'm so glad that I got them. They are so easy to assemble, and they work awesome!
Really great product. The battery life is trash. Other than that it's super useful. I use it for board work and painting. The price has gone up a lot sense I bought it in early 2018. That should say that it's pretty useful.
Excellent price!
Does a great job of keeping the air in our home clean. Amazon seems to be the only place I can reliably find these filters for now, so I’ll order more when I run out again.
Perfect item. Arrived as promised and is great price. I replace this panel each year before winder rather than try to clean the old one. That way I know I am getting the performance out the humidification that I am supposed to get.
Very durable and quality-made humidifier filter. Received quickly and in great condition. Will purchase again next winter.
LOW price !
Easy to replace. Lasts one heating season.
They work!
Right fit. Works great!
Works great. Make sure you pay attention to the dimensions of your old one for comparison
Works good
Works grezt
looks goog
all is good for me.
Very good and I got my package as expected will be ordering more with no doubts
No complains, really good product.
Exact fit. Delivered on time and with out issue.
Super fast shipping and simple install!!
It fit perfectly in my humidifier at a third of my dealer's price.
Thank you great service will order again
It fits perfectly in my humidifier.
Fits perfect!!
It's a filter for a humidifier. It does what it's supposed to do.
exact match to my unit. paid $45 to tech for replacement-NO MORE!
I bought this LED set because my florescent set the bulbs either burn out quickly or someone accidentally knocks them down and breaks the bulbs Very pleased with these and I hear LED lasts forever too!
Great light, would have given 5 star but a few people did complaint light was a bit harsh on the eyes. But then again who told them to look directly at it right?
Great light, i wish i could have bought two of them. Great option to change light temperature. And these can be used on any tripod too. I am happy with the purchase.
This product is just what I need.
love it gives great light
These work very well. Don't buy the one that says "Amazon Choice Neewar CN-160" which is much thicker and older and has no easy way to adjust the color temp of the light. This kind is way better, much thinner and the same price. You can not only adjust the brightness, but you can adjust the color temp too. The older kind requires that you put cheap plastic filters on to do this.
These things are awesome. I am a Director of Photography and Camera Op. You can use these to light up small areas or use as an onboard light for your camera. They are very lightweight. I have literally taped them to walls or ceilings in tight spaces and powered them with batteries. I also bought D-tap power cables for them here...
Original review 2017-08-19: It works okay I suppose, though I wish it were brighter. My primary issue though is the battery life. Mine dies after 45-60 minutes, which doesn't work for what I need, so I'll be returning mine. Update 2018-03-17: I decided to keep it and add anxa0 AC adapter xa0so I don't have to worry about the battery. I'm fairly happy with it now, and I think it will serve its purpose for many people. I was disappointed when trying to use it to light a pinball playfield for live streaming on camera, but I was satisfied with it when taking photos of the pinball machine itself. Attached is a photo of the pinball machine, lit by this light.
These lights are fantastic for packing up in a small video kit. They put out a good amount of light and it's nice to be able to adjust the temperature. The plug in option is a really nice feature. All that said, they do need to be fairly close to the subject.
Easy to use, good workmanship and quality materials..
Excellent i can control the color temp as well as the output. Nice quality of light
Everything about this light is awesome, it does everything it says it does, the only thing is that mine doesnt't bends 90º, the arm is somewhat crooked, but it's not a big deal at all, I love it.
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