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Caiyi aluminum composite material for building

Caiyi aluminum composite material for building

Caiyi aluminum composite material for building

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Company Advantages
1. During the manufacturing process, Caiyi buy aluminum composite panel has gone through performance treatment. Anti-odor agents, bacteria resistance solvent, and anti-static agents have been adopted in this process. The product has passed CE certification
2. The product has been engaged in the industry for many years and is well-known with its outstanding features. It is endowed with a great warmth preservation quality
3. The product has superior thermodynamic property. Its rational structure helps it make full use of the heat exchange capacity of the condenser. The product has even coating for great luster
4. The product features maximum cooling efficiency. It effectively transfers heat by mechanically compressing refrigerant into a low-pressure, cold liquid and expanding it into high-pressure and hot gases. Due to its high strength, the product is very easy to maintain

Aluminium-plastic composite aluminum-plastic composite panel is abbreviated as aluminum-plastic composite panel. It is a new material that has been surface-treated and coated with aluminum as the surface, and polyethylene and polypropylene plastic are mixed as a core layer.

product features

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Application range
Building exterior curtain walls
Decoration and renovation additions for old buildings
Decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies
Shop door decorations
Advertisement board display platforms and signboards
Wallboards and ceilings for tunnels
Industrial materials, materials for vehicles and boats
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Basic material
Front side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with fluoro-carbon resin(PVDF) or polyester resin (PE)roasting painting
Core material: nontoxic polyethylene, PE, FR, LDPE
Back side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with polyester resin painting(PE)
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Aluminium composite panel
16 year production history
20 year warranty for PVDF

Product specification

Non-standard sizes and special colors are available, according to customers' requests

Normal Width


Panel Thickness

2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm

Aluminum Alloy

AA1100,AA3003,AA5005(Other Grade On Requirement

Aluminum Thickness

0.08mm to 0.50mm



PE Core

Recycle PE Core/Fireproof PE Core/Unbreakable PE Core




5800mm in maximum for 20ft container


15 to 20 days after receiving deposit and color confirmed


600 to 1000 sqm per color

Surface coating thickness


Product picutre

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Company Features
1. Foshan Caiyi Aluminum Processing/Distribution Co.Ltd has long been a leader in aluminum composite material innovation and quality.
2. We have a top R&D team to keep improving quality and design for our aluminum composite panel details.
3. Caiyi has been constantly growing the service quality to enhance the satisfaction of foreign and domestic clients.
Don't use with angle grinder. It kicks back like crazy. I used it, cutting a piece of sub flooring and wound up taking and ambulance ride to Gettysburg ER and wound up with 22 stitches in my forearm sewing my muscle back together and two layers of skin. On the lighter side, it's really sharp.
Good rip blade but not for real fine cuts. Fits Makita Grinder
I use this blade in a handheld tile-cutter. It looks like a small circular saw, thus I was looking for a wood cutting blade to use it for small applications. The blade cuts extremely well through all kinds of wood, but to my surprise it doesn't take much to cause it to kick-back. Another small disadvantage is the relatively wide cut. I haven't used it for anything else than wood, and I am not planning to try it on metal, due to the dangerous handling of the blade.
Originally I had installed it backward, so I did not have a good rating for this. But once installed properly, it cuts, and acts like it should. I'm happy.
Does what it's supposed to do.
As described.
Awesome blade, used with 18V Dewalt and cut through car metal like butter. Great product for a great price.
A lot of kick back and extremely dangerous if ur not careful must use both hands at all times
very good product and service
Cables work better than expected! Fast delivery! Cables work great and are flexible also! No crimping of the cables!
For almost a year I tried various mounting options for the remote head for an Icom 5100 radio. I needed to mount it securely in my Ford F-150, but the F-150 offers few real mounting options that didn't require removing bits of interior molding and drilling holes. I tried the Ram Mount Ram-X suction cup mounting system and that worked, but the mount wasn't as secure as I hoped and I still had to remove the remote head every time I parked the truck to get it out of field of view (thieves) and to keep it from getting damaged by heat (I live in the Atlanta area). I went back to the Ram Mount web site and saw the video for this Tough Wedge and decided to give it a try. It's just a plastic panel with a ball head mount on one corner. It fits into a neoprene sleeve that provides some 'grip' after you slide it between the seats, but it works, and works great! You still need an accessory like the Ram X-mount to hold the radio head. The radio head is down and out of the direct line of sight, but this wedge puts it within easy reach of the right hand for changing frequencies or settings. The best part is that when I park I just throw a small towel over the remote head and its hidden from casual view and protected from direct sunlight. Highly recommended.
Wound up giving the tough-wedge a try because of having a hard time finding mounting solutions for my car without giving up a cup-holder or drilling holes. Set up and placement was easy. Tough-wedge fit very snugly with little to no movement/wiggle with normal driving and vibrations. Other RAM accessories fit beautifully. Easy to remove tough-wedge and insert it into another vehicle for well-place, low-wiggle mounting for many occasions. This is the best non-permenet mounting solution available!
It does 2 things, it keeps pocket change or other items from falling between the seat and the center console AND it also has the nifty ball at the end for my RAM Mount. I feel like I'm sitting in a captain's chair with my phone within arms' length.
Originally bought it for my son's truck but it was too wide for proper application. Put it into service with my Excursion and attached a cell phone mount and it works with a couple of file folders added for a snug fit...
Innovative easy set up. Great product
Good buy i am glad i got it and so is my family. They can watch the tablet while i drive
High quality drill bit. I purchased it to mount a 5th wheel hitch the bit held up well drilling through tough frame metal
bought to drill holes in the frame of a truck and it worked great! we bought 2 just in case 1 broke and never needed the second one. Was also worried that the steel would eat the bit right up but that was not an issue either
Works as advertised.
Great product, Great service!
Bought it to drill two holes in lower control arms for my truck that I was putting a six inch lift kit on. Used a lot of oil and didn't go very fast so that I wouldn't dull the bit. Worked great.
Good product
Worked perfectly, nice quality.
It's drills
Item arrived safely, on time and as described.
Well built, great price, fast shipping
Good for around 2 hours when fully charged
Works flawlessly and has a great “I’m seated and good to go” vibration/click. Had to buy a longer screw though, not a big deal. Love it!
This pump is amazing - everyone who complains about the chuck clearly didn't read the 4-panel cartoon directions on the package. If you just try to screw the head on, you might end up with leaks. If you do it right - which is very easy - it's the best air chuck ever created. Zero air loss, every time! The pump itself lacks the polish and flair of the alloy versions, but the painted steel housing is quite functional, and the tall design makes hitting higher pressures very easy.
Wore out one of there previous models. The new valve was a bit of a challenge until I realized I was overthinking it and trying to push it too far into the stem. I was struggling with the slide to the presta position. Now I just move it over the threads, pull the slide and all is good. Removing the valve is much easier than the old valve.
I got two Menard's garage door opener kits for my dual-door, vault style garage, and needed to provide a way to get in if the power failed. I was able to remove the manual latch from one door and install this instead, and it works perfectly. The cable is maybe a little too long, but I imagine that increases the number of cases where this unit will work. For others, you can use bolt cutters to cut the cable to a custom length and use pliers to wrap a piece of metal around it to hold a loop.
This lock was purchased to replace the old lock on the garage door. I could not find the keys for the old lock. The lock was easy to install and worked well. We needed a good working lock because our garage has no access except for the garage door itself. If there were a power outage or garage opener malfunction, there would be no way of opening the garage door.....before your lock was purchased. The only negative here is that the lock can be picked with a paper clip. It took me about 10 minutes with the old lock and this looks like the exact same lock. Consequently, I suggest that you keep your car locked in the garage. There is of course no worry about getting into your house anyway......because the garage has no door leading into the house anyway. Chamberlain 7702CB Quick Release Lock
Works Great. My only complaint is that the cable is far too long and hangs down pretty far. Down the road I am going to cut it down to a manageable size.
These worked great for the HOA that had vaulted garages. We only had an issue with one that had the entire cylinder come out when unlocking spilling all the cylinder pins.
9/1/2013 Ad shows double sided key. Key delivered is single sided. Cable is 36 inches long with a "S" hook on end. Came with two bolts with nuts. I am not particularly worried about someone picking this lock, but if you are there are probably better products available for more money. I will need to add cabling to reach the release, but that is not a problem for me. Product was shipped quickly. For under $10 (shipping included), I consider it a good purchase
It installed easily and is exactly what I expected. I have only used it when testing the installation. I believe that it reduces the security of the garage somewhat. That is why I only gave it four stars. That's OK because I would have no other way to get in this garage when the power was out. Unless I broke something.
Good insurance for a detached garage that has no additional door to enter.
Our garage is separate from the house and has no entryway door. The only way in is through the garage doors. In the event that the electricity went out, we had no way to get in the garage to get to our cars. We found this item, were able to install it in less than an hour and it works perfectly. Turn the key and it pulls the release, allowing the garage to be opened and closed at will. Thank goodness for this invention!! I was concerned that it would be an eye soar in the middle of the garage, but it's so small you really don't notice it.
This device is a must have for garages without an entrance door besides the one with the opener attached. I have already needed this in a pinch when my remote's battery died. I freaked out when I realized I couldn't get in to my garage and I was already late for work. Then I remembered that I installed this gizmo. It saved me! 5 stars!
Not hard to install but some drilling necessary. Lost a star because pull cable is not adjustable and cable connections can hang up while pulling the cable and when re-setting the lock. I like that it is inexpensive and there are no batteries to replace.
Our garage didn't have a side door so the garage door was the only way in or out of it. If the power went out, the door couldn't be opened from the outside. This allowed for a secure way to open the garage door by releasing the door from the electric drive. Easy to install and looks clean and secure.
Power frequently goes off here in the mountains of Georgia. I have no service door so if that happens I cannot open the garage. Instructions are OK, maybe took 20 minutes to install.
if you've ever been stuck out of your garage you know that you need this lol.
does the job for cheap
The only cont is that the cable is less than 4 ft contrary to the poorly description of the lenght in the add.
This assembly does the job but is not real heavy duty..... gets strength and support from door and lay pretty flush with garage door. Worked when I tried it after install.
Works great and easy to install
No problems with the chamberlain 7702Cb lock .It's what I was looking for, it was simple to install, it works fine
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