Brief introduction to processing of alloy aluminum plate

by:Caiyi     2019-12-27
In the process of aluminum plate processing, various alloy elements are added to realize the special mechanical properties of aluminum plate. Alloy aluminum plates can be divided into 1-8 series. For example, 2A21 belongs to 2 series 3003, belongs to 3 series 5052, belongs to 5 series, etc. The production and processing method of aluminum plate belongs to rolling processing, also known as 'calendering processing '. There are generally two ways: hot rolling and casting. The hot rolling process is characterized by: in the process of large plastic deformation, the internal structure undergoes multiple recovery and recrystallization, and the coarse crystal is broken and the microcrack is healed in the casting state. Casting defects such as homogenization of internal structure, grain size and shape, point defects and change of line defect concentration are significant. The transformation from as-cast structure to deformed structure greatly improves the processability of metal. Especially in terms of deep drawing performance, hot rolled materials have incomparable advantages over cast-rolling materials. Characteristics of casting-rolling method: the internal structure of casting-rolling plate belongs to semi-casting structure with strong crystallization direction. Compared with hot rolling, it has the characteristics of less investment, low cost, high efficiency, etc. Aluminum plate refers to a plate made of aluminum and aluminum alloy. Alloy aluminum plates can also be divided into cold rolling and hot rolling. The main difference lies in anodizing. Hot rolled aluminum plates can be used as anodizing. Cold-rolled aluminum plates and hot-rolled aluminum plates have different uses. Cold rolled aluminum plate is mainly used for mold type, hot rolled aluminum plate is suitable for stamping and drawing. The same material has different physical properties due to its different manufacturing processes. Aluminum processing is also called Plastic forming, according to the stress and deformation of aluminum during deformation (Stress-Strain state) Divided into: casting, forging, extrusion, spinning, stretching, rolling, forming processing (Cold pressing, deep drawing)Waiting for processing. Method.
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