Basic knowledge of pipe aluminum insulation

by:Caiyi     2019-12-27
Different fluid medium pipelines need different insulating materials, such as ordinary normal temperature water pipes. The most commonly used insulating materials can be rubber, plastic or ethylene PEF. Polyurethane is the best, its cost is slightly lower than the previous two high utilization rates; Generally, there are many polyurethane thermal insulation materials with heating pipe temperature lower than 100 ℃, because polyurethane thermal insulation materials have low thermal conductivity to closed-cell rigid foam and slightly longer service life. Generally, the heating system adopts PO main pipe unit. Dodecanoxy material Rock wool material or glass wool silicate material is generally used for insulation of steam pipelines, such as steam pipelines for industrial boilers, which are currently widely used in China with low price. Heat transfer oil pipes for industrial equipment and aluminum silicate insulation materials for high temperature gas chemical industry are applied to the insulation of extremely high temperature pipelines. Refined oil pipeline. Iron sheet heat preservation and aluminum skin heat preservation are the construction of an outer protective layer for the pipeline after heat preservation to protect the heat preservation material from seasonal or external damage, thus prolonging the heat preservation life, this work applies to sheet metal technology, such as Elbow, reducer and tee joint on the pipeline; The head of the canned insulation external protection can not be done without professional training. This construction requires professional people to do it. The necessary tools for aluminum skin insulation construction are: Bending machine edge pressing machine ( There are electric, there are manual, according to the workload to decide what to use) Hand drill, scissors, rivet gun, ruler, angle ruler, compass, drill bit, rivet or screw, mobile wire, nylon braid, and other small tools, of course, professional construction personnel.
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