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Application of aluminum honeycomb panel on vehicles


Aluminum honeycomb panel for ship hull structure

Aluminum honeycomb panel for aircraft splint

Aluminum honeycomb panel for high-speed rail wall

Aluminum honeycomb panel for travel carriages

Aluminum honeycomb panel production process

Aluminum honeycomb panels Honeycomb sandwich panels with a honeycomb structure as the core layer are inspired by natural hexagonal honeycombs. Aluminum honeycomb panels made of aluminum alloy are not only the lightest in other materials of the same volume due to their unique structure, but also have excellent rigidity and overall stability, and also have sound insulation properties. The aluminum alloy is not radioactive, does not volatilize any harmful gases that are harmful to human health, and can be completely recycled and reused, saving resources and energy, and minimizing environmental pollution, which makes aluminum honeycomb panels an energy-saving. New materials that are environmentally friendly and healthy.

The core layer of the honeycomb panel is a typical porous structure, and the continuous polygonal cells are regularly arranged in a regular manner, so that the solid portion of the honeycomb panel has a small cross-sectional area, so its density is small relative to other sandwich materials. Since the density of the honeycomb panel is much smaller than that of a common board such as a laminate or a steel sheet, the mass is also the lightest when the volume is the same. The quality of the aluminum honeycomb panel is only 9% of the same volume of FRP laminate, 11% of the same volume of steel, and 23% of the same volume of aluminum alloy. This allows aluminum honeycomb panels to save a lot of energy in lightweight applications. The low density and light weight make the honeycomb panel meet the requirements of “lightweight, energy saving and environmental protection” for materials such as aerospace engineering aircraft, trains, high-speed trains, automobiles and ships.

(1) Aerospace: Due to the above advantages, aluminum honeycomb panels are widely used in aviation, aerospace, transportation, construction, military and other fields, for the manufacture of rocket fairings, aircraft wings and warehouses, trains Bulkheads and floors, skins and doors of cars, ceilings and curtain walls of buildings. The wing, vertical tail, etc. manufactured by the honeycomb panel, as well as the cockpit or cargo floor, the door partition, etc., effectively reduce the weight of the aircraft and improve the handling sensitivity of the moving parts.

(2) Trains, high-speed trains: Vehicle interior panels such as bulkheads, control panels, luggage racks, ceiling bolsters, lavatory rooms, toilet units, floors, off-going doors and four-corner doors can be made of honeycomb panels. In addition, honeycomb panels can also be used for external components such as the front end, the roof, the guard, and the entire vehicle body. In addition, the energy absorbing and shock absorbing characteristics of the honeycomb structure can be utilized as a protective device, such as installing the honeycomb panel on the front of a high-speed train, and protecting the personal safety of the vehicle in the event of an accident.

The key project of China's national science and technology support program, "Introduction, Digestion, Absorption and Innovation of High-speed Wheel-rail Railways", mainly studies the production of high-strength, lightweight, aluminum alloy body with energy-absorbing structure and meets durability, fire prevention and vibration reduction. Vehicle interior decoration materials for performance requirements such as noise and environmental protection. Aluminum honeycomb panels are one of the plates that meet the above requirements.

(3) Automobiles: The main way to save energy resources and reduce fuel consumption is to achieve lighter vehicles, that is, lightweight materials for vehicles. According to the report of the World Aluminum Association: every 1% reduction in car weight can save fuel by 0.6% to 0.8%. The application of lightweight sandwich structural materials, especially honeycomb sandwich structural materials, will make the car lighter in weight, better in impact resistance, safer and more comfortable, and one of the directions for the development of materials in the automotive industry.

Most of the sandwich structural materials are used in exterior skins, frame structures, body structures, bumpers, doors, seats, and the like. If a glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic panel and a polypropylene honeycomb core composite honeycomb panel are used to manufacture a luggage back shelf, a load-bearing floor, etc., a very large damage tolerance can be obtained. The epoxy honeycomb binder is used to combine the paper honeycomb core with the upper and lower two-layer rustproof steel sheets to form a honeycomb panel for use as an automobile floor and a roof lining, and has good sound absorbing performance. GE uses a new composite material consisting of martensitic steel, reaction injection molded fiber reinforced polyurethane and polyethylene honeycomb to make car bumpers. This bumper is 9kg lighter than steel. 5km/h impact test. Many concept cars in Japan also use aluminum honeycomb panels for the manufacture of automotive floor panels, which reduces the weight of the car body and increases the rigidity of the car body.

(4) Ships: Compared with structural and non-structural parts made of traditional materials (such as wood, metal, fiber reinforced composite plastics), the corresponding members made of honeycomb sandwich materials are 50% and 75% lighter respectively. It can be used to produce bulkheads for hulls, hulls and light masts for racing boats. That is to reduce the weight of the ship, and improve the stability and flexibility of the ship. Domestically, aluminum honeycomb panels have also been applied to ships. In order to reduce the weight of the hull, simplify the structure, and improve the efficiency, the light weight of the internal equipment of the hull has been paid more and more attention in foreign countries. The use of aluminum honeycomb composite panels for inner wall panels, ceilings and door panels has achieved remarkable results. This new technology changes the technical performance of the part, prolongs the service life and reduces maintenance and repair work. At the same time, it gives people a sense of comfort and improves the aesthetics of the boat room.

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