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Aluminum oxide sheet wire drawing


"Aluminum oxide plate drawing wire" drawing wire aluminum plate early cleaning should do?

Many of the metal cases we see today use brushed aluminum.

A lot of details need to be paid attention to in the process of drawing aluminum plate. In order to ensure the smooth work in the later period, a preliminary cleaning should be carried out before the drawing process of drawing aluminum plate.

So, how should the early cleaning of brushed aluminum plate process be done?

Brushed aluminum plate

1. Mechanical cleaning

When the workpiece size is large, the production cycle is long, and the multi-layer or chemical cleaning is stained, mechanical cleaning is often used.

First with acetone, gasoline and other organic solvents to wipe the surface in order to remove oil, then directly with a diameter of 0.15mm ~ 0.2mm copper wire brush or stainless steel wire brush, brush until the metal shine.

Generally, grinding with grinding wheel or ordinary sandpaper is not recommended, so as to avoid sand particles remaining on the metal surface, and slag clamping and other defects will occur when the wire drawing process is carried out.

In addition, scraper, file can also be used to clean the surface to be welded.

After the workpiece and process are cleaned and cleaned, the oxide film will be generated again in the storage process. Especially in the humid environment, the oxide film will grow faster in the environment polluted by acid, alkali and other vapors.

Therefore, the workpiece and wire drawing storage time after cleaning and cleaning to wire drawing should be shortened as far as possible. In the case of humid climate, wire drawing should generally be done within 4h after cleaning.

After cleaning, if the storage time is too long (such as more than 24h), it should be handled again.

2. Chemical cleaning

High chemical cleaning efficiency, stable quality, wire drawing process is suitable for cleaning small size, batch production of the workpiece.

Can use dip to wash method and scrub method two kinds.

Remove oil from the surface with acetone, gasoline, kerosene and other organic solvents, wash with 5% ~ 10%NaOH solution at 40 ° C ~ 70 ° C for 3min ~ 7min(pure aluminum time is a little longer but not more than 20min), then rinse with flowing water, and pickling with 30%HNO3 solution at room temperature to 60 ° C for 1min ~ 3min, then rinse with flowing water and air dry or dry at low temperature.

The above is the preliminary cleaning method for the process of drawing aluminum plate. Only after these steps are completed can the process of drawing aluminum plate be better and we can get the final product.

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