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Advantages of 5083 aluminum plate on aluminum alloy air reservoir

he air cylinder is an important part of the heavy truck braking system. The whole vehicle braking system requires compressed air with relatively stable pressure for braking. The air cylinder system must have sufficient strength and reliability when the vehicle is running. In view of the development trend of market lightweighting, the application of aluminum alloy materials is imperative
The aluminum alloy automobile air storage cylinder has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight, good economic benefit in the life cycle of the product, high recycling rate of materials, etc., and is in line with the current international automobile production to green manufacturing, reducing limited resource consumption, energy saving and environmental protection. the trend of. The forming processability of 5083 alloy aluminum plate is very good. After being used in automobile air reservoir, the surface of aluminum alloy is coated with good cleanliness. The surface of the gas cylinder is easy to naturally form a dense and firm protective film, which can protect the reservoir very well. The body of the gas cylinder is not corroded and the service life is extended, so the 5083 aluminum plate has a promising future in the car air reservoir market.
The aluminum alloy for the gas storage cylinder is generally made of 5083 aluminum plate. The 5083 alloy aluminum plate is a high-magnesium alloy. It has good strength in the non-heat treatable alloy, good corrosion resistance and machinability, and excellent corrosion resistance. The 5083 alloy is widely used for marine purposes. Such as ships, as well as automobiles, aircraft welding parts, subway light rails, pressure vessels that require strict fire protection (such as liquid tankers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers), refrigeration equipment, television towers, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile parts, armor, etc. 

High quality 5083 tanker aluminum plate

Some tank trucks have strict requirements on aluminum alloy materials. For example, tank trucks that transport aviation gasoline must be welded with aluminum alloy. If stainless steel is used, a small amount of iron enters the oil and is also prohibited. Therefore, this type of tanker must use aluminum alloy material. In the middle, it is generally used to weld 5083 aluminum plate. The thickness of the aluminum plate is about 5mm, and the circular arc cross section can help reduce the center of the car. The aluminum alloy tanker uses aluminum, and the whole vehicle loses 1-2 tons. Moreover, the performance and strength of the aluminum alloy tanker can fully meet the requirements of the steel tanker.
In the head material, a 5083 aluminum plate is used, and a 5-series alloy is also used on the wave-proof plate. The material at the bottom of the tank is 5A06. The guardrail at the top of the tank is made of aluminum tube, which is easier to maintain than the steel tube, wear-resistant and durable, and has a weight-reducing effect. The aluminum alloy materials used in tank trucks can be mass produced domestically and the technology is already at the world's leading level. Some domestic manufacturers have developed energy-saving and environmentally-friendly all-aluminum tankers. All aluminum tankers have lighter bodies and higher load capacity, which can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions.

Aluminum alloy high speed official ship

The Suihai Yujian No. 1 ship is the first all-aluminum high-speed official ship in the marine and fishery environmental monitoring system. The aluminum alloy ship is light in weight, fast in speed, fuel-saving and low in maintenance cost. It is one of the future directions of ship construction. With the development of society, aluminum alloy ships, aluminum alloy fishing boats, and aluminum alloy small fishing boats made of aluminum plate materials are increasingly popular in the market.

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