Introducing aluminum cap material aluminum plate raw materials

In our lives, hundreds of daily necessities require bottle caps, high-end cosmetic bottle caps, wine caps, and aluminum caps that have good sealing properties and can be recycled, becoming a trend in the market.
The aluminum cap has a large tensile length, so it is necessary to select a material with better elongation. Usually, the aluminum alloy substrate of the cap material is made of 8011 aluminum foil, 3003 aluminum foil and 3004 aluminum plate, and 1050 aluminum plate and 1060 aluminum plate are also used, according to different products. The length of the stretch is used to select which aluminum alloy to use.
Aluminum caps are often machined on highly automated lines, so the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of the material are critical, otherwise cracks or creases can occur during deep drawing. In order to ensure the easy printing after the cap is formed, the aluminum material of the cap material is required to be flat, without rolling marks, scratches and stains, and the aluminum material of the cap material has 8001-HI4, 3003-H16 and the like. The material specification generally has a thickness of 0.20~43.3mm, an allowable tolerance of ±0.1%, and a width of 449-796mm. The production of the aluminum material of the bottle cap material can be respectively obtained by hot rolling or continuous casting and rolling, and cold rolling. Production practice shows that the hot rolled billet is superior to the cast billet in the use effect of the anti-theft cap.

Cold stamped aluminum

Stamped aluminum is theoretically the best composite hard film with good barrier properties.

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