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Advantages of wood-like aluminum honeycomb panels compared with wooden decorative panels


          Fluorocarbon pre-rolled imitation wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturing technology from the aviation industry, with fluorocarbon pre-rolled wood grain aluminum alloy panel and back sheet, sandwiched with aluminum alloy honeycomb core, using high quality two-component PU glue heat Compressed composite. It is not only durable, the panel is large, and it has excellent flatness. The wood-like aluminum honeycomb panel can be folded and bent, and the processing performance is good, and the surface color has various options.

Material characteristics:

     1. The largest standard specification can reach 1500mm×6000mm

     2. The board surface is extremely flat

     3. Aluminum alloy honeycomb composite board technology

     4. Integrated mounting support structure

     5. Single board disassembly and assembly

     6. A variety of panel shapes are available

     7. Suitable for wall, roof, provocation, pillar, ceiling, etc.

     8. Excellent quality and durability

     9. Real maintenance free, low cost of use

The advantages of decorative surface imitation wood grain surface are mainly as follows:

    (1) The wood grain color is natural. Wood grain is the color of the paint itself, which is baked at 224~255°C.

    (2) The pattern feels realistic. The wood grain is sampled in real material and is therefore woody.

    (3) The pattern is extremely numerous. More than 50 kinds of wood grain can be produced. The selection range is quite wide, and the cultural connotation is very rich. It can fully express the humanistic will and highlight the people-oriented decorative concept.

   (4) The paint is durable. The total thickness of the coating dry film is 20~25μm for polyester paint and 25~30μm for fluorocarbon paint. The wood grain surface is also coated with a layer of varnish with a film thickness of about 10 μm. This essentially guarantees durability.

    The roll-coated wood-like aluminum honeycomb panel is a composite material, which is a wood imitation. What are the advantages compared with the wood trim panel? Here are some objective comparisons:

    (1) than environmental protection

    Rolled wood grain aluminum honeycomb panels, with aluminum for wood. Aluminum can be reused for environmental protection and for the benefit of future generations. Maintaining the process of sustainable development not only conforms to the main theme of the country's construction of a conservation-oriented society, but also adjusts the product structure in accordance with the industry and fosters the major theme of circular economy. From this perspective, the government will provide support and promotion in some aspects in the future.

    (2) than the pattern

    Due to the limitations of supply, wood is limited in color, and it is impossible to do so. And the roll coating wood grain is endless, and you can choose it as you like.

    (3) than fire protection

    In the future, the requirements for building safety are getting higher and higher, and fire resistance is an important indicator in safety and a major factor that must be considered in the whole industry. The wood-like aluminum honeycomb panel is an all-aluminum structure with excellent fire resistance. Obviously, wood has a fatal weakness in this respect. In a safety sense, wood should not be used in crowded places such as hotels, hotels, cinemas, conference rooms, etc.

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