Advantages and disadvantages of h59 brass and h62 brass

by:Caiyi     2019-12-28
Advantages and disadvantages of h59 brass and h62 brass H59 and H62 are brass and are alloys of copper and zinc. As shown in Table 1, the biggest difference between H59 and H62 is copper content, and H62 has a copper content of 60%-62%, H59 has a copper content of 57%- 59%, the higher the copper content, the less the corresponding other alloy components. The alloy components here mainly refer to lead. The copper content is inversely proportional to the lead content. The higher the copper content, the lower the lead content. Because of ROHS standards, products generally exported will use raw materials above H62, because excessive lead will have a certain impact on the human body, but if the lead content is too small, it will also have a greater impact on the turning performance of the material, which will increase the production cost. Therefore, the choice of material is mainly based on the scope of its application, and the production conditions are used as additional references. Table 1 ( H62 brass and H59 brass chemical composition table) H59 brass has high strength, hardness and good plasticity, but it can still bear well in hot state, pressure processing, general corrosion resistance, and other properties are similar to h62. At the price level, H59 is a relatively favorable brass. The price of brass is mainly determined according to its copper content. The higher the copper content, the higher the unit price and the lower the copper content, the lower the unit price. Of course, there are also some because of the addition of rare alloy elements, which makes the price higher, such as: tungsten copper, chromium copper, copper, aluminum bronze and other rare copper materials Shenzhen Mingcheng Metal Co. , Ltd. follows the principle of 'customer first, advanced service and perfection' to provide customers with one-stop service. Not only provide processing services, such as customer slitting, cutting, flat, matte, film and so on. It is also equipped with a professional logistics fleet, which can provide free door-to-door service for customers in the Pearl River Delta. The company promises: Complete variety, reliable quality, reasonable price, small profits but quick turnover. Company tenet: reputation first, customer first. Company philosophy: adhere to customer-centered; To ensure the interests of customers; Pay attention to the needs of customers; Keep good faith and share development.
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